A new global education system

Where every learner is interconnected on the blockchain and managed by a symbiotic AI using the Edduus AMM™

Imagine a completely new global system of education - single, seamless, personalised and affordable


Edduus is a system of learners dynamically connected together in an ecoystem

With Edduus there are no institutions, just learners co-joined at a point in time around a common piece of learning. Edduus is the first-of-its-kind teaching and learning system incorporating the Edduus AMM™, AI architecture and blockchain technology. Edduus makes education personalised, engaging and uniquely affordable for everyone.

The AMM™ system uses cognitive computing technologies to synthesize data from various information sources, while weighing context to propose adaptive on-demand learning, personalized to each student’s needs, skills, personality and interests.

Using cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Edduus creates a ‘living’ eco-system of learning, constantly adapting pathways for students and provides powerful feedback for teachers.



Personal AI

Each learner gets an AI that adapts and grows in its understanding of them over time


Learner Owned

Every learner owns their own institution and controls all elements of their learning process

on demand


Every learner has instant Micro Education Live-streamed to them, anytime, anywhere


Cryptocurrency Rewards

Every learner trades with a single token and gets rewarded via a gamification model


Mass Collaboration

Every learner can seamlessly connect with every other learner within Edduus


Massively Affordable

Edduus exponentially improves the cost of education for every learner


Instead of “renovating” the current system of education we invented a completely new system

We created Edduus to give students and teachers a truly personalised learning environment that intelligently works with each learner. The AI powered system identifies student strengths and weaknesses and guides them interactively throughout the whole of their life in education. Over time, the Edduus AI is able to refine patterns and process data to become capable of anticipating problems and suggest possible solutions.

As this symbiotic relationship builds, the AI designs pathways to better suit each learners personality, learning style, interests, level and peer preferences. This leads to an adaptive learning process that connects learners, their peers and their teachers in an organic way. Students can learn at their own pace, interact freely within the Edduus community and apply knowledge in creative ways.



We are disrupting the education industry once and for all

Edduus will revolutionize the way people learn with a new model built on the principles of artificial intelligence, gamification and blockchain technology.

Underpinned by a token-based model, the Edduus platform offers a first-of-its-kind incentive system to the benefit of both teachers and students.

Our decentralized ecosystem will pay students for learning and remunerate teachers according to their impact in the success of their students. It’s simple: get rewarded for the things you achieve in real currency.